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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFAMERICA[1:392:17]
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFHORSE WITH NO NAME[1:392:17m]
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFJOE JACKSON[1:392:20]
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFSTEPPING OUT[1:392:20m]
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFSimon[2:27:1]
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFGARFUNKLE[2:27:1m]
~POPS~78DOFPink Floyd[2:391:18]
~POPS~78DOFJAN & DEAN[4:391:20]
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFBEACH BOYS[5:393:20]
~POPS~ (n) 77DOFLITTLE DUCE COUPE[5:393:20m]
Baron Kurita (n) 81DOFColony[1:45:4]
Baron Kurita (n) 81DOFMoon[1:45:4m]
Baron Kurita84DOFRasalhague[1:144:3]
Baron Kurita84DOFMoon[1:144:3m]
Baron Kurita84DOFLuthien[1:144:7]
Baron Kurita84DOFMoon[1:144:7m]
Baron Kurita84DOFGaledon V[1:147:5]
Baron Kurita84DOFMoon[1:147:5m]
Baron Kurita (N) 81DOFNingxia[1:170:7]
Baron Kurita (N) 81DOFMoon[1:170:7m]
Baron Kurita (n) 80DOFBenjamin[2:49:4]
Baron Kurita (n) 80DOFMoon[2:49:4m]
Baron Kurita (n) 80DOFPshet[2:50:8]
Baron Kurita (n) 80DOFMoon[2:50:8m]
Baron Kurita (n) 82DOFDieron[3:49:5]
Baron Kurita (n) 82DOFMoon[3:49:5m]
Baron Kurita (n) 82DOFMatsuida[3:49:8]
Baron Kurita (n) 82DOFMoon[3:49:8m]
Capt. John Luke Picard53DOFDeep Space Nine[3:54:3]
Capt. John Luke Picard53DOFMOON D[3:54:3m]
Capt. John Luke Picard55DOFColony[5:188:20]
Capt. John Luke Picard55DOFMoon[5:188:20m]
Capt. John Luke Picard (n) 55DOFUnited Federation[5:200:3]
Capt. John Luke Picard (n) 55DOFMOON F[5:200:3m]
Captain Canuck 261DOFKanata[1:275:15]
Captain Canuck 261DOFMoon[1:275:15m]
Captain Canuck 261DOFKol[1:275:5]
Captain Canuck 261DOFMoon[1:275:5m]
Captain Canuck 261DOFKhaos[1:275:9]
Captain Canuck 261DOFMoon[1:275:9m]
Captain Canuck 2 (N) 61DOFColony[2:284:7]
Captain Canuck 2 (N) 61DOFMoon[2:284:7m]
Captain Comack73DOFTryton[1:37:9]
Captain Comack73DOFTy-1[1:37:9m]
Captain Comack73DOFAknar[1:39:19]
Captain Comack73DOFAk-1[1:39:19m]
Captain Comack73DOFTau Ceti[1:40:1]
Captain Comack73DOFCeti Alpha[1:40:17]
Captain Comack73DOFCet-1[1:40:17m]
Captain Comack73DOFTau-1[1:40:1m]
Captain Comack73DOFMintaka[1:40:20]
Captain Comack73DOFMin-1[1:40:20m]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFSparta[1:42:10]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFSpar-1[1:42:10m]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFEros[1:54:10]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFEros-1[1:54:10m]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFAxanar[1:181:12]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFRaptor[1:181:13h]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFRigel[1:181:14]
Captain Comack (N) 68DOFRaptor[2:356:4h]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 27DOFBoys from the Dwarf[1:250:14]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 24DOFLone Wolf.[2:312:14]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 24DOFStar man Ziggy[2:312:14m]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 27DOFSmokey Bear[2:366:10]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 27DOFSugar Bear[2:366:10m]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 26DOFStuffed teddy bear[2:374:20]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 26DOFDOF[2:374:20m]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 24DOFColony[2:404:17]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 24DOFMoon[2:404:17m]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 26DOFRimmer World[4:62:6]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 26DOFJMC[4:62:6m]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 24DOFTorchwood[5:250:9]
Captain Jack Harkness (N) 24DOFCardiff[5:250:9m]
Cmdr Talon56DOFEvergreen[1:137:6]
Cmdr Talon56DOFBark[1:137:6m]
Cmdr Talon (p) 57DOFIron[1:266:3]
Cmdr Talon (p) 57DOFWood[1:266:3m]
Cmdr Talon (p) 57DOFMaple[1:266:5]
Cmdr Talon (p) 57DOFLeaf[1:266:5m]
Cmdr Talon56DOFWeeping[2:5:9]
Cmdr Talon56DOFWillow[2:5:9m]
Cmdr Talon (N) 55DOFOak[2:172:6]
Cmdr Talon (N) 55DOFAcorn[2:172:6m]
Cmdr Talon56DOFCedar[3:145:6]
Cmdr Talon56DOFSmell[3:145:6m]
Cmdr Talon57DOFAspen[4:145:6]
Cmdr Talon57DOFTree[4:145:6m]
Cmdr Talon57DOFWalnut[5:114:6]
Cmdr Talon57DOFSeed[5:114:6m]
Cmdr Talon (N) 57DOFPine[5:139:6]
Cmdr Talon (N) 57DOFNeedles[5:139:6m]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFgoing[1:345:12]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFMoon[1:345:12m]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFAltair 5[1:345:19]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFG1-283[1:345:4]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFG1-291[1:346:5]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFProxima[1:346:7]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFMoon[1:346:7m]
Commander 777 (In) 135DOFG1-294[1:361:5]
Commander 777 (i) 135DOFG2-291[2:364:2]
Commander 777 (i) 135DOFG2-302[2:364:4]
Commander 777 (I) 135DOFColony[2:365:5]
Elana46DOFNala 1[1:92:9]
Elana (N) 46DOFNala 2[2:274:1]
Elana (N) 46DOFN-2[2:274:1m]
Elana (n) 47DOFNala 3[2:299:9]
Elana (n) 47DOFN-3[2:299:9m]
Elana (n) 49DOFColony[2:441:3]
Elana (n) 49DOFMoon[2:441:3m]
Elana45DOFNala 4[4:1:19]
Lady Rarity63DOFTourmalia[1:238:3]
Lady Rarity63DOFGarnet[1:238:3m]
Lady Rarity63DOFDiamond Dust[1:408:18]
Lady Rarity63DOFOpal 2[1:408:18m]
Lady Rarity63DOFGem Prime[1:419:18]
Lady Rarity63DOFRuby[1:419:18m]
Lady Rarity63DOFTopaz[1:419:5]
Lady Rarity63DOFMoon[1:419:5m]
Lady Rarity65DOFLapis Lazuli[2:419:2]
Lady Rarity65DOFZircon[2:419:2m]
Lady Rarity63DOFColony[3:3:2]
Lady Rarity63DOFRust Ruby[4:136:1]
Lady Rarity63DOFMoon[4:136:1m]
Lady Rarity63DOFAlfheim[5:268:1]
Lady Rarity63DOFBlood Moon[5:268:1m]
Lupus (in) 138DOFColony[1:152:3]
Lupus (in) 138DOFWolf's Den[1:152:4]
Lupus (in) 138DOFColony[1:152:5]
Lupus (in) 138DOFColony[2:152:10]
Lupus (in) 138DOFColony[2:152:11]
Lupus (in) 138DOFColony[2:152:12]
Lupus (in) 138DOFColony[3:152:20]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFOgibogi[1:335:12]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFMoon[1:335:12m]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFColony[1:335:13]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFColony[1:335:8]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFColony[1:335:9]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFColony[1:337:13]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFOogie_Boogie[1:337:16]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFColony[1:338:18]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFColony[1:338:9]
Mantacore (n) 103DOFColony[1:406:9]
Nyder (i) 73DOFAlzarius[4:387:5]
Nyder (i) 73DOFXeriphas[4:387:5m]
Nyder (In) 71DOFRaxacoricofallapatorius[5:229:3]
Nyder (In) 71DOFShada[5:229:3m]
Tony G (p) 60DOFBeauregard[1:2:19]
Tony G (p) 60DOFJ. Johnston[1:2:19m]
Tony G (p) 64DOFGrant[1:43:18]
Tony G (p) 64DOFSherman[1:43:18m]
Tony G63DOFA.P. Hill[1:44:1]
Tony G63DOFD.H. Hill[1:44:1m]
Tony G63DOFLongstreet[1:44:4]
Tony G63DOFEwell[1:44:4m]
Tony G63DOFJackson[1:44:8]
Tony G63DOFStuart[1:44:8m]
Tony G (p) 60DOFLee[2:3:5]
Tony G (p) 60DOFTraveler[2:3:5m]
Tony G (pN) 60DOFHood[3:255:8]
Tony G (pN) 60DOFFranklin[3:255:8m]
Voneck (N) 50DOFColony[2:130:1]
Voneck (N) 50DOFColony[2:130:11]
Voneck (N) 50DOFMoon[2:130:11m]
Voneck (N) 50DOFHomeSweetHome[2:130:14]
Voneck (N) 50DOFG's moon[2:130:14m]
Voneck (N) 50DOFColony[2:130:2]
Voneck (N) 50DOFMoon[2:130:2m]
Voneck (N) 50DOFColony[2:130:4]
Voneck (N) 50DOFMoon[2:130:4m]
Voneck (N) 50DOFColony[2:130:5]
Voneck (N) 50DOFMoon[2:130:5m]
Voneck (n) 51DOFColony[4:260:1]
Voneck (n) 51DOFMoon[4:260:1m]
Voneck (n) 51DOFColony[4:260:5]
Voneck (n) 51DOFMoon[4:260:5m]
Voneck (n) 51DOFBattleship[4:260:6h]
Wynn (N) 40DOFTroms[1:325:11]
Wynn (N) 40DOFA moon is no one[1:325:11m]
Wynn (N) 40DOFNemract[1:325:6]
Wynn (N) 40DOFBraavos[1:325:6m]
Wynn (N) 40DOF277[1:325:7]
Wynn (N) 40DOFA man is No One[1:325:7m]
Wynn (N) 40DOF260[1:325:8]
Wynn (N) 40DOFMoon[1:325:8m]
Wynn (N) 40DOFDetlas[1:325:9]
Wynn (N) 40DOFIron Islands[1:325:9m]
Wynn (N) 40DOF256[1:327:7]
Wynn (N) 40DOFRagni[1:327:8]
Wynn (N) 40DOFWinterfell[1:327:8m]
Wynn (n) 37DOFG4 temp[4:260:9]
Wynn (n) 37DOFtemp moon[4:260:9m]