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Player Rank Alliance Colony Coordinates
~POPS~ (n) 59R3B31MEATLOAF[3:391:9]
~POPS~ (n) 59R3B31BAT OUT OF ELL[3:391:9m]
~POPS~ (pn) 59R3B31BEACH BOYS[5:393:20]
~POPS~ (pn) 59R3B31LITTLE DUCE COUPE[5:393:20m]
Commander Salamander (n) 97R3B31Squiddich[3:44:6]
Commander Salamander (n) 97R3B31DocLand[3:44:6m]
Doctor Who 4109R3B31TARDIS[5:61:14]
Doctor Who 4109R3B31Moon[5:61:14m]
Doctor Who 4109R3B31Master[5:61:17]
Doctor Who 4109R3B31Moon[5:61:17m]
Lady Rarity (n) 65R3B31Cybertron[5:393:1]
Lady Rarity (n) 65R3B31Moon[5:393:1m]
Lady Rarity (n) 65R3B31Colony[5:393:2]
Lady Rarity (n) 65R3B31Moon[5:393:2m]
Mein Hoch Pferd (n) 31R3B31Maghera Drool[5:329:20]
Mein Hoch Pferd (n) 31R3B31Ballymacarn North[5:329:20m]